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LED Light Therapy Face Mask Beauty by Light



We know you will get amazing results which is why we guarantee it or your money back.

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WARNING: Unfortunately a company that goes under the name & have been impersonating our brand using our advertising material. Our masks can only be purchased from us and we do not resell or have any association with these companies.


Beauty By Light LED Mask v3

The “Beauty By Light” Light Therapy Facial Mask V3 is the number one selling LED light therapy mask in Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to the feedback from our customers and the advances in technology we have redesigned our mask to be 80% lighter and more comfortable, whilst still providing the same BPA free plastic and equivalent LED output. It also has the option to attach our optional eye goggles for those who prefer it. Each treatment is fast, completely painless, non-invasive and works on all skin types in both males and females.

● The light does not emit any harmful UV rays and there is no recovery time after treatment. 

● You can treat yourself every day, forever without any need for further costs such as refills. 

● The LEDs last up to 100,000 hours, that is over a lifetime of usage. 

● Get a free treatment plan personalised to you by one of our light therapy experts. 

● Can be used on the neck as well as hands without the need for any other attachments. 

● Simply send us an email with your order number and your main skin concerns along with what products you are currently using and one of our experts will reply back.

● We know you will get amazing results which is why we back it up with a 120 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee*

Light therapy has been used to treat a range of skin concerns such Pigmentation, Acne, Scarring, Fine lines, Wrinkles, Broken Capillaries, Rosacea, Redness, Inflamed Skin, Dark Circles, Sagging Skin.

The wavelength of each light and its common uses are listed below:

620nm (Red Led) mode - For fine lines & wrinkles commonly used for overall anti-ageing. Red light naturally stimulates the production of collagen in skin cells, responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. Increased collagen reduces fine lines and wrinkles and shrinks pores, improving skin texture and promoting smooth, youthful skin. 

525nm (Green Led) mode - To improve tone & pigmentation. Green light inhibits excess melanin production in the lower levels of the dermis, preventing it from travelling to the visible surface of your skin. Existing melanin clusters are also broken down, reducing age-spots and hyper-pigmentation resulting in smooth, even skin tone. 

415nm (Blue Led) mode - To eliminate acne & blemishes. Bacteria in acne contain Porphyrins, accumulating in pores and causing breakouts and inflammation. The blue light wave-length kills these light-sensitive Porphyrins both above and below the skin, reducing acne, calming inflammation and redness, and leaving you with a clearer, brighter, smoother complexion. 

590nm (Yellow) mode - To improve clarity & texture. The yellow light increases the exchange of oxygen within skin cells, stimulating circulation and improving the cells ability to eliminate toxins. Increased toxin elimination improves tone, clarity and texture of skin resulting in a glowing, dewy complexion. 

490nm (Cyan Led) mode - To reduce scarring & inflammation. The cyan light promotes healing, while soothing inflamed or damaged skin. This also assists with reducing the size of swollen capillaries, improving skin tone and clarity. Multiple treatments at once. 

415 - 620nm (Purple Led) mode - Combining the benefits of Red (620nm) and Blue (415nm) light, the purple LED wavelength has an antibacterial effect, helping to treat acne, while also stimulating collagen production to treat fine lines and wrinkles. 

850nm (Infrared Led) mode - For the deepest skin penetration and anti-ageing .The infrared light penetrates deep into the skin cells, accelerating active tissue metabolism for an enhanced improvement in collagen and elastin production.


● The SMD Narrow Band LEDs last up to 100,000 hours, that is over a lifetime of usage. 

● Latest SMD LEDs that are 1.5 times more powerful than our previous LEDs which means we can use less LEDs to produce the same energy significantly reducing the weight of the mask. 

● Option for additional goggles. (these goggles are the same ones used in commercial skin clinics) 

● Irradiance: Approx. 33 Joules per cm2 in 15 minutes of treatment. 

● Get a free treatment plan personalised to you by one of our light therapy experts by emailing with your main skin concerns. 

● Can be used on the neck as well as hands without the need for any other attachments.

Our LED mask has 7 modes listed below:

620nm (Red Led) mode

525nm (Green Led) mode

415nm (Blue Led) mode

590nm (Yellow) mode 

490nm (Cyan Led) mode

415 - 620nm (Purple Led) mode 

850nm (Infrared Led) mode 


Every new mask comes with the industry's best 12 months warranty. We bench test every single mask before it leaves our warehouse. In the rare case if a fault was to arise we just need a video showing the issue so a replacement can be sent immediately. Usually a replacement is sent within 24 hours of receiving the video. We also offer a loyalty program where we offer upgrades to your mask as we release a new version for a fraction of the price. This means you can always benefit from having the latest light therapy device.


How does LED light therapy work?

The led light therapy mask uses SMD LED technology to produce different wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the skin to stimulate skin cells. The LEDs emit no UV light and are perfectly safe. The Beauty By Light LED Mask produces 33 Joules per cm/2 of energy in approx. 15 minutes. This is the equivalent energy used in most light therapy skin clinics. Any less energy would not provide adequate treatment and anymore would over stimulate your skin cells.

What wavelengths of light are produced by this mask?

Red LED: 620nm 

Green LED: 525nm 

Blue LED: 415nm 

Yellow LED: 590nm 

Cyan LED: 490nm 

Purple LED: 415-620nm 

Infrared LED: 850nm

Do i need to buy any refills for this mask?

No, this mask will provide over 100,000 hours of usage, which means it will last over a lifetime.

Is light therapy painful?

Light therapy is completely painless and non-invasive.

How often should i use the mask?

We recommend you use the mask for at least 15 minutes everyday.

Should i continue with my current skin care regime?

Yes, light therapy will not interfere with your existing skin care regime.

Does this mask come with a neck attachment?

Those masks sold on Ebay and Amazon that have a neck attachment are not real light therapy devices and do not use real SMD narrow band LEDs. If we were to create a neck attachment for our light therapy device using real SMD narrow band LEDs the mask would be significantly more expensive since we would need to increase the number of LEDs, the size of the mask, the remotes power board and to increase the power supply to accommodate the increase in power required. This would make the product unaffordable to most customers. The good news is you can treat your neck along with your hands by just resting the face mask over your neck or hands. The neck requires longer treatment as the skin is thicker but we can provide you with a personalised treatment plan explaining how to use the mask for those areas. Just send an email to

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Orders are shipped daily at 11am from our Sydney warehouse. If you place your order before the cut off time it will ship the same day. Standard delivery is approximately 3 - 5 Business Days and Express shipping is 1 - 3 Business Days.

What happens if i have a problem with my mask?

The masks come with 12 months warranty. Email a video showing the problem to . Our team will respond within 24 hours and usually send out a replacement the next day.

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